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Saturday, October 25, 2008

It Is Done!

After several weeks of preparations and stress over getting it done...the Halloween party is finally over! The scavenger hunt went well with only a few hiccups along the way. I learned a few valuable lessons along the way that I will put to good use should we do this again next year.

The scavenger hunt, as it was setup, is more suited for kids 10 and up. The 8 year olds had trouble with reading the clues and following directions so that will probably be changed for next year. Separate!!! Someone helped themselves to the candy for the scavenger hunt and took my metal pumpkin that was holding the clues. So...keep the little ones in another area. If you're going to do crafts, separate them into age groups. The older kids really enjoyed making their own treat bags but the little ones had to have the parents make them so paper lunch bags with crayons and stickers might have been a better option for them. There needs to be structure also...the kids broken up into groups and led by an adult. I think that would've cut down on the confusion.

Over all though, it was a great experience! The kids had a great time and we had fun setting it up.

Here's the breakdown of what we had...we didn't have a bunch of prizes. We had a raffle instead with everyone getting a ticket to enter it in (there were 3 prizes total.) Each room was decorated and the kids got to vote on which room they liked the best (ours won!) The kids got to make their own treat bags and we had some Halloween foam crafts to decorate. We had 3 games...pin the tail on the black cat, pin the body parts on the mummy and hot pumpkin (which I don't think got played). All the kids could get their pictures taken at the pumpkin patch we had setup and we had a parade of costumes. They also walked through the hallway and got candy from various bowls along the way. We had food...hot dogs, punch, jell-o jigglers, chocolate covered pretzels and cupcakes.

The scavenger hunt went as follows...I won't put all the details and clues...just the jist of it!

They first got a picture of a witch that they then had to match to a picture on the wall. From there they had to go find a chocolate eyeball with EN on it for Eye of Newt. Then they had to find Dracula's dentures (glow-in-the-dark teeth and a vampire eraser). They had to help Frankenstein tighten his bolts so they had a box with 5 nuts and 5 bolts to put together. Then onto finding the Pirate's X with a treasure on it (black cardboard X with a treasure chest sticker on it. Once they found that, they got to play BOOGO...a bingo card with a 5 letter halloween word which they had to match with a certain color. Then they had to find the headless horseman's head (small pumpkin Jack O' Lanterns). After that, they had to help wrap the mummy back up (wrestler dolls and strips of fabric). They had to find 13 spiders in a word find puzzle and 13 number 13s in a hidden picture puzzle. From there they had to find 31 of a certain flavor of candy. Then they had to find little baseball bats with a paper bat attached that were hanging from the ceiling and then they had to come find me and tell me a knock knock joke. And the last thing they had to find was the graveyard where they had to dig to find the coffin with the coin that they had to return to the Pirate Master.

For each area, they got a small treat that they got to keep...such as erasers, halloween pencils, tattoos and stickers. It turned out really great and the kids that did it had fun...it was just crowded because the little kids and the big kids were in the same area. It would've been better had they been separated and in their own space. That'd be something I'd change for next year, if we were to do this again.

So...today, I get to go through all the stuff I brought home last night and clean, chuck or put away what's left! Fun times ahead! lol

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Yeah!!-- party done now sit and relax a little while.