This blog is a place for me to talk about all things Fall related. I'm hoping it'll be a place to help keep me organized and on the path to stress-free holidays (if there is such a thing)!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Time sure has flown! Here it is almost Thanksgiving and I haven't posted much of anything! I'm so ashamed! :o) Not really! I've been ├╝ber busy lately with the Elves and some other projects that I've got going and I just plumb haven't had time to post. Besides that, I haven't really done anything in preparation for Thanksgiving. Everything is already decorated and now I'm just patiently awaiting it's arrival.

I've purchased both turkeys...for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know...I probably could've waited and gotten a great deal somewhere but the knowledge that I won't have to fight other people for the right sized turkey makes me feel wonderful! lol I've got almost everything that I need for the big day. All but the fruits and vegetables. Those will be purchased the weekend prior. So, apples for the pie (we don't do pumpkin) and onions, celery for the stuffing.

In all honesty (I might as well admit it), I wish Thanksgiving would hurry up and get here already...I'm dying to dig into my Christmas stuff! LOL But...I'm showing restraint! I will patiently wait! Besides, on the down side...if it were Thanskgiving already, the Elves would be arriving and I am sooo not ready for that yet! :o) So I guess I'm glad I've got a little bit more time!