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Friday, August 14, 2009

It's In The Air!

Can you smell it? Can you feel it? I can't, not yet anyway but I know it's just around the corner. I should've been working on stuff during GPD but you know how it is...life has a way of changing plans! So, I'm starting now! Things coming up this fall are Halloween, Fright or Flight, and Thanksgiving.

I saw that Hobby Lobby already had their Halloween/Fall stuff out so I took some notes and am now patiently awaiting for stuff to go on sale or for them to NOT be on sale so I can use their 40% off coupons. Please note that Michael's is also on my list of must visits!

This year, we're planning on being elsewhere for Thanksgiving so I won't actually have to plan any of that! Yippee!!!

Which leaves me with Fall decorating, Halloween and Fright or Flight.

I have absolutely no idea where my fall stuff is. I am 100% positive that it's in the garage (if it was in the house, I would've found it by now) but where in the garage? Who knows! In the move, boxes got tossed here and there on shelves. One of these days when it isn't sunny and 90+ degrees outside, I will have to go hunt the bins down. Luckily, Target had some Fall colored bins on sale last year so I'm fairly certain that I will find that which I seek in the burgundy and orange bins. Thank you color coding! lol

I need to start looking for things to put in my Boo bags and I need to get the poems printed out so that I can start decorating them. I did learn my lesson last year and I will just purchase my bags instead of trying to make them. I think I actually have some already thanks to the after holiday sales. Again, buried somewhere! Maybe I will make that my GPD project for August. I need to get going on that one because I want to have my bags ready to be delivered on the 1st of October.

The Fright of Flight will be put on by the Spouses' Group again this year. Planning now should ensure that things run fairly smoothly and that we have things ready for the event. Next week will be our meeting to hash out ideas and get things going.

Keep checking back for what's going on with the Fall season. I will be posting about my Notebook too. I really need to get that up to date and ready to go.

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Printersdevil said...

How is your notebook going? Haven't seen you blogging.